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Portable Two Piece Wooden Beach Chair with Free Plans
Why I Made These Beach Chairs It's summer, and my kids are looking forward to swimming at our little river washed beach spot.  I'm so tired of buying camp chairs that break after a year or two, and end of living forever in a landfill since they aren't repairable, reusable or biodegradable.   I've been making wood outdoor chairs in our yard, but what about a chair that is portable enough to travel? I am certainly not the creator of this design (not sure who to credit here), but I did give it my own twist by using cedar fence pickets to make the chairs lighter, more durable, and less expensive.  Also, I went through many prototypes attempting to find the perfect balance between comfort, durability, portability and ease of building. The result is a very comfortable, lightweight chair.  It is perfect for myself and the kids.  My husband thought it would need to be a little stronger to support him, so we also are providing a plan option for a stronger version (that also is heavier).   1x2 version of the chair as built in the video is lighter, but not as strong and more difficult to build The back height hits at the shoulders, so you can recline fully.  The seat height is low enough that it supports your seat, but keeps you close enough to the ground that a footrest is not needed. Of note, when leaning forward, the chair can tip forward.  I did prototypes with front legs and tested different angles, in the end, I determined that the forward tipping potential was not worth the extra moving parts, weight and complexity (more to break) needed to solve the issue.  The chair is so low to the ground, your feet would always be on the ground (unless you are under four feet tall).  So yes, the chair can tip, but your feet will always be there to support you. How I Built These Chairs These chairs were QUICK to build, and so easy, I hope this becomes a youth project favorite.  But there are some techniques to use to help you build the chairs square, and make sure they nest together.  Please take a second to watch the quick build video here: Free Plans to Build Your Own Wood Beach Chairs We are glad to be able to provide free plans to use to build your own beach chairs.  Can't wait to see your photos!  
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